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SunSmart Programme

SunSmart is a school and summer camp based programme which aims to increase the awareness of our youth about the importance of practicing sun safe behaviors while outdoors.

SunSmart Bermuda

We also seek to influence individuals who are responsible for protecting others such as parents, teachers, friends and other family members with SunSmart behaviors.

Our ultimate goal is to prevent the dangerous outcomes of sun exposure such as premature aging, skin leathering and skin cancer. We strive to reach this goal by educating our youth and the community through our programme. Studies show that most of the skin's damage occurs before the age of eighteen; it is vital, therefore that children in particular develop SunSmart habits early in life.

SunSmart in Schools

SunSmart Accreditated Summer Camps

Community Awareness - book a presentation

Bermuda's UV Index - In 2014 Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre purchased (thanks to a private donor) and annually maintains the necessary equipment used by the Bermuda Weather Service to provide current local UV readings.

  • Click here to view the local UV readings
  • Click here to undertand what the UV Index and reading mean to you and and the protection steps needed base on the daily UV reading.

Damage to our skin and eyes can lead to cancer. You can practice the SunSmart behaviors we teach in order to prevent this from happening to you. Click here and simply follow our 5 steps.

For information Prevention and Early Detection of Skin Cancer click here.

Our SunSmart programme is funded by:

St Baldrick's Foundation

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