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Consultant on National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP)

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre (the Centre) is seeking applicants for the position of Consultant. Based at the Centre, the successful applicant will be tasked with driving forward the one year pre-planning phase of the National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP). This phase includes developing Bermuda’s cancer profile and outlining the framework, timeline and budget for the development of the NCCP. The Centre is committed to working with Bermuda’s cancer organisations and professionals to minimize the impact of cancer and improve the quality of life for the local community through the development of Bermuda’s first NCCP. This one year position is being funded by the Disease Innovation Programme managed by the Bermuda Health Council. 


Job Responsibilities:

  •  Assembling and assessing cancer-related data
  •  Identifying potential data elements for inclusion in a cancer burden assessment
  •  Preparing a cancer burden assessment with data summary
  •  Development of key findings based on Bermuda’s cancer burden data
  •  Develop suggestions for the cancer control team on how to use the key findings for the national cancer control plan
  • Define resources needed to develop the NCCP 
  • Assist with the identification of key stakeholders and recruitment of personnel to build a comprehensive cancer control partnership/team to work as the NCCP Planning Group. To assist this group in developing working groups who will be tasked with development of specific parts of the NCCP for example, early detection or tobacco control.

Qualifications and Experience

Advanced university Medical or Public Health degree.

Minimum of five years of work experience in programme development and implementation, highly desirable.

Experience in developing and/or implementing cancer control programmes, highly desirable.

Work experience in the public and/or private sector, preferably in the field of health programmes.

Interested candidates can email their resume to and

Closing date: July 17, 2020

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