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Corporate Donations

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre welcome corporate donations of any amount. Perhaps you have a donations budget, or maybe you want to make a lasting impact by donating your Christmas card or corporate gift budget?

Programme sponsorship is a justifiable part of your organisations marketing strategy and it  will also help communicate your company as a good corporate citizen.  Click on the links below for examples of sponsorship opportunities:

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Employee Matching

Demonstrate a commitment to your employees by initiating a "matched giving" program and foster good will within your company.

Cause Related Marketing

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre welcomes the opportunity to work with companies and groups helping them reach  increase awareness, grow market share and launch new products while raising money for the charity. Click on the links below to learn how we have helped these companies:

Restless Native

Gifts in Kind: Products and Services

Your company can support Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre by donating products and prizes. This saves the charity valuable money, meaning we can spend even more on educational campaigns and upgrading vital technology.

For example, you may choose to donate a prize to our Annual Raffle Ticket fundraiser, product samples to the attendees of our ongoing Health Talk series, product samples targeted specifically to women for our Girls' Night In gift bags etc.


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If you have questions about cancer, we have answers:

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