SunSmart in Schools

The SunSmart Program is presented in local private, and public preschools; as well as private, and public primary and middle schools.

SunSmart Bermuda

The educational program is a brief 15-20 minute presentation. During the presentation, students learn not only of the dangers of the sun but also how to protect themselves when outdoors, especially during the summer months. For the younger children, the message is delivered in a fun 'skit' format, and is reinforced with a sing-a-long "Slip, Slap, Slop" jingle which the children thoroughly enjoy.

If you are a school/camp and are interested in having the SunSmart program presented at your school/camp, click here to get signed up.

Or send us an email if you would like to include SunSmart in your school's sports day activities.  We provide sunscreen, a SunSmart relay race for the students to participate in and educational handouts for parents.

Bermuda's UV Index and the protection steps needed base on the daily UV reading.

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