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Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is a Bermuda registered charity engaged in the prevention, detection, treatment and support of cancer and other health concerns in the local community.

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Our Mission

To provide the highest standard of early detection, treatment, support, care and education for cancer and other diseases to all.

Our Vision

To serve our community building healthier lives free of cancer and disease.

Equal Access It is our belief that everyone should have access to potentially life saving early cancer screening and treatment. Through the generosity of our community we are able to provide our services free of co-pay regardless of whether you have health insurance. Find out more

List of Board of Directors FY 2023

Name Nationality  Position Credentials
Glenn Gibbons Bermudian President Insurance Executive, Retired
Judith White Bermudian Vice President President, CFIS Bermuda Ltd.
Tamara Anfossi Bermudian Director Assistant Director, Bermuda Monetary Authority
Gary Carr Bermudian Director Non-executive Director
Dr. Chris Fosker British (spouse of Bermudian) Director Medical Director & Clinical Oncologist, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre
Jennifer Haworth Bermudian Director Director and Head of Dispute Resolution, MJM Limited
Dr. Monica Hoefert Canadian Director Physician, Practice of Dr. Monica Hoefert
Lynda Davidson Leader Bermudian Director Chief Underwriting Officer, Park Indemnity Limited
Melody Johnson Bermudian Director AWAC Services Company (Bermuda), Ltd.
Valerie Smart Platt Bermudian Director Non-executive director of various Old Mutual plc subsidiaries 
Larenzo Ratteray Bermudian Director Group Head of Consumer Solutions at BF&M
Lynne Woolridge  Bermudian Director Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre

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Here at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, we love that our patients and fundraisers feel inspired to speak about the care and support they received by us.

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Google rating score: 4.6 out of 5, based on 13 reviews

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  • S

    Sue Garland

    It’s over five years since I had radiation at The Cancer and Health Centre but I well remember the wonderful , caring staff who took care of me and sing their praises all the time .

  • Q

    Queenae Joell

    I done my treatment there and would recommend this to any one the staff are the best they care about you and make your worries go away. I love them so much for support.

  • S

    Sandi Ruth

    Great facility for cat scans, mammograms, and bone density test.

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