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Can assist cancer patients at any stage of their diagnosis

  • Collaborate with doctors and other health care providers, and advocate on your behalf.
  • Assess and manage physical symptoms related to cancer treatment including fatigue, nausea, pain management, nutrition, dressing changes and medication management.
  • Provide financial assistance for travel expenses (airfare and hotel) associated with overseas medical treatment.
  • Provide emotional support and counseling services to patients and their families through our full-time Medical Social Worker and community partners.
  • Help improve quality of life and wellness for patients during treatment as well as provide end-of-life care in the home when and if it becomes the time approaches and in accordance with the patient’s wishes.
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments when a patient has no other means of transport.
  • Provide equipment, food supplements and other home health care items.
  • Refer patients to other agencies for additional support such as the Department of Financial Assistance, Department of Health – Community Nursing Service, Meals On Wheels, and Solstice.


Programs and support services provided by Friends of Hospice include:
  • Day Hospice - provide a therapeutic adult day programme for people with a life-threatening illness who are well enough to return home after symptom control and rehabilitation. 
  • Bereavement Support - providing mental and emotional support for residents, families and our volunteers, assisting with necessary end-of-life plans.
  • Complementary Therapies - a variety of support therapies facilitated by professionally certified individuals and volunteers, such as Meditation. Meditation. Pet therapy, Beauty Therapy and Art Therapy. 



Bras and breast prosthesis - call 292-4810
Support group - call 332-7274



Helping agencies in Bermuda that offer support services to families and children, seniors and persons with disabilities.  Inclusion of an agency does not imply endorsement by the Ministry of Health. The Directory simply offers an inventory of eligible organisations that provide helping services. Contact each agency for details about their services and fees.



A comprehensive table of all known health providers and clinical laboratories offering clinical services and diagnostic testing in Bermuda. The health facility master list offers a facility’s general information and includes activity, addresses, phone numbers, administrator names, and registration status. Listed facilities are also classified by type, specialty, and business category.



Agencies and organisations who provide support for clients facing hardship and needing immediate support.



Adult immunization and travel health clinic, Child and school health clinic, Communicable disease clinic , Maternal health and family planning clinics, Oral health clinic, Wellness clinics, Hamilton Health Centre, Warwick Health Centre, St. George’s Health Centre, Somerset Health Centre



Community health nursing, Community rehabilitation: Occupational therapy (OT) and Physiotherapy (PT), Services for Seniors, Environmental Health Unit, Epidemiology and surveillance, Healthy schools, HIV/AIDS support, K. Margaret Carter Centre, Nutrition services, Speech language programmes


If you have questions please call our Centre 236-1001 or email for assistance.


Let us help provide information - Book a Presentation Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is pleased to offer FREE presentations to corporate, community organisations, schools and family friend groups. Topics include: Reducing Your Cancer Risk & Early Detection Know Your Lemons Breast Cancer SunSmart Lung Smart Click here to find out more.

How To Help Someone With Cancer

How to Help Someone With Cancer: 70 Ways To Help Cancer Patients and Their Families During Cancer Treatment

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Topics include:
-Advice on how to help patients traveling for treatment
-Suggestions for both adult and pediatric patients 
-How to help families and caregivers
-What you can do if you live in another country

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