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Our History

We are one of Bermuda's oldest non-profit Charities #070, and are listed as a not for profit by the Friends of Bermuda Community Foundation (EIN: 38-3938349), a public charity that is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c)(3)

Serving our community since 1945, our charity has been at the forefront of driving the progress in cancer care forward for our community.
  • 2024 Announced the publication of Bermuda's inaugural National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP) for 2024-2030. This pivotal strategy is a significant advancement in Bermuda's healthcare landscape. It highlights the substantial challenge of cancer, which accounts for roughly one-third of all deaths annually on the island.
  • 2022 Mammography services re-accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists Mammography Accreditation Program (CAR-MAP)
  • 2020 Initiated work on Bermuda's first National Cancer Control Plan.This endeavour was partly financed by the Chronic Disease Innovation Programme, overseen by the Bermuda Health Council
  • 2019 Bermuda National Standards Committee (BNSC) - earned re-accreditation.
  • 2018 American College of Radiology Accreditation (ACR) for Radiation Therapy - first international facility to earn accreditation.
  • 2017 (October) 3-D mammography - launched the Island’s first, providing more defined images for those with dense breast tissue.
  • 2017 (May 17) Bermuda's only Radiation Therapy Unit opened - with a radiation therapy alliance with Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Center (now Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center), and the capacity to treat 95% of cancers where radiation s recommended. Individuals receive treatment surrounded by family and friends as they continue their daily lives.
  • 2016 Capital campaign - to raise $10 million and broke ground for the construction of a radiation therapy unit. This service seeks to serve the approx. 200 patients each year that are referred for radiation treatment but current access is limited for some as treatment is only available overseas at a high cost to our health care system.
  • 2015 (September 17) Radiotherapy Memorandum of Understanding - signed by Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center (DF/BWCC)
  • 2014 BNSC Certification - achieved the Bermuda National Standards Committee (BNSC) certification, demonstrating compliance with internationally recognised standards of practice that they are effectively and efficiently operating.
  • 2013 Breast Imaging Centre of Excellence - designated by the American College of Radiology (ACR) - this encompasses accreditation in Digital Mammography, Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, and Breast Ultrasound.
  • 2012 (May) Breast Biopsies - launched comprehensive breast biopsy service under the direction of Radiologist and Clinical Director Dr. David Green.
  • 2011 Gold Accreditation in Mammography - awarded a three-year term by the American College of Radiology (ACR).
  • 2010 Bermuda Cancer Information Service - became a member of the International Cancer Information Services Group (ICISG).
  • 2010 Canadian Cancer Society - partnership with the was forged and the Bermuda Cancer Information System successfully developed.
  • 2009 Union for International Cancer Control - became a member of UICC.
  • 2008 (April) Digital Mammography exams - began offering the Island's first digital exams. The purchase and installation of the digital mammography equipment, the latest state-of-the-art technology, was made possible through highly successful events such as our annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Walk.
  • 2007 (August) Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre - formally changed name from the Bermuda TB Cancer and Health Association.
  • 2007 Hereditary Screening Clinic/Genetic Testing at the Centre - introduction of the partnership between Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, Partners HealthCare, Massachusetts General Hospital, Bermuda Hospitals Board, and the Health Insurance Association of Bermuda.
  • 2005 Ultrasound screening - services commenced.
  • 2004 (Fall) Cancer Resource & Lending Library - opened the island's first comprehensive library for patients and their families. The Centre provides a selection of books, videos, and on-line resources.
  • 2004 Bone Density - added scans to the diagnostic services offered. A bone densitometer was purchased with funds raised by annual fundraising events.
  • 2003 Moved to 46 Point Finger Road - purpose build $4.5M facility almost 13,000 square feet.
  • 2000 (November) Purchased land - to build a new diagnostic imaging and cancer information centre at 46 Point Finger Road, Paget.
  • 1999 Mammography units accredited - by the Canadian Association of Radiologists, making the Centre the first facility outside of North America to receive and retain this distinction (2007).
  • 1982 (approximately) At home cancer care - a Bermuda Tuberculosis Cancer and Health Association employed nurse was given permission by the Chief Medical Officer to visit cancer patients in the community, in addition to her duties of visiting TB patients. In 1983 the newly formed P.A.L.S. (founded in 1980) received funding for a full time community cancer nurse.
  • 1959 Bermuda Tuberculosis Cancer and Health Association - the organisation adopted the new name and operated out of a small building on Cedar Avenue in Hamilton.
  • 1955 (June 6) Incorporated by Parliament - under the Bermuda Tuberculosis and Health Association Act.
  • 1955 Operated a pharmacy - providing affordable medicines and ostomy supplies in addition to TB testing. The Bermuda Diabetic Association were initially under the association’s umbrella, offering free blood glucose testing to the public before becoming a registered charity of their own in 1979.
  • 1945 Founded - originally formed in to assist patients with tuberculosis.

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