Bermuda's Cancer Screening Guidelines

Research indicates that only 5% of cancers are hereditary; this means that most cancers occur spontaneously. Research also indicates that healthy lifestyles and regular checkups can prevent many cancers. Exercise your power!

Cancer-related check-ups Recommendations start as early as children age 11 and 12 who should have the vaccine to protect against the spread of the cancer causing HPV virus. For people aged 20 or older having periodic health exams, a cancer-related check-up should include health counseling and, depending on a person’s age and gender, exams for cancers of the thyroid, oral cavity, skin, lymph nodes, testes, and ovaries, as well as for some non-malignant (non-cancerous) diseases.

Talk to your doctor about recommended cancer prevention vaccines and screenings:

  • Children aged 11 or 12 years should get two Gardasil 9 HPV vaccine shots 6 to 12 months apart. If the two shots are given less than 5 months apart. For detailed recommendation click here.
  • Women 21yrs+ to begin regular Pap screening for cervical cancer and to have an annual pelvic exam
  • Women 40yrs+ to receive an annual mammogram for breast cancer detection
  • Men 40yrs+ to receive annual DRE tests and PSA if indicated to spot early warning signs of prostate cancer
  • Men and Women 45yrs+ to begin screening for colorectal cancer

If you have questions about cancer, we have answers: