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Starting The Corporate Cancer Conversation

After experiencing cancer twice in 2022, the president and chief executive officer of Coldwell Bank Bermuda Realty recently shared his journey with the corporate community.

Speaking at Liberty Mutual’s inaugural Cancer Conversations event, he said he hoped to inspire at least 50 people to be tested for cancer.

“I’ve always believed in the power of shared experiences as I feel we grow exponentially as we learn from each other,” Mr Madeiros said. “It does require a certain level of personal vulnerability, which from my perspective is a strength which helps to build emotional resilience.”

Liberty Mutual Bermuda launched Cancer Conversations to foster dialogue in the Bermuda business world around cancer care and awareness.

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Liberty Mutual Bermuda president Stephen Horton, Coldwell Banker chief executive officer Brian Madeiros and Dr Chris Fosker, medical director and clinical oncologist at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

The inaugural Cancer Conversations, held in partnership with Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, included Chris Fosker, medical director and clinical oncologist at Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, Steve Horton, president of Liberty Mutual Bermuda, and Mr Madeiros, who calls himself “cancer experienced”.

He saw Cancer Conversations as an opportunity to share, and engage with the community.

“I had no idea how this would evolve until the three of us met,” Madeiros said. “By chance, we soon recognised the synergy we could create if we combined our efforts and perspectives around cancer. I was pleased with our first conversation and look forward to many more.”

An estimated one in three people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, with 300 to 400 people diagnosed with it in Bermuda each year.

“Given these numbers it is likely that most of us have been touched by cancer in some way,” Dr Fosker said.

He said it was fortunate that advancements in science and technology now enable the majority of individuals to receive diagnosis and treatment right here in Bermuda, surrounded by the comfort of their loved ones.

“Maintaining a sense of normalcy during such challenging times is crucial, and for many, the routine of going to work can provide much needed stability,” he said.

“When businesses open up to discussions about cancer awareness and support, they provide valuable resources for their employees or family members undergoing treatment and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the individual and the organisation.

“It’s a win-win scenario that promotes community resilience, compassion, and productivity.”

Mr Horton expressed his admiration for Mr Madeiros’ courage and the impact of his story.

He said: “As business leaders, we ask what is next and how can we support?

“To be blunt, we are asking all leaders to put their hands up to facilitate these conversations, to spread the word and to unite as one in our fight against cancer and the future of cancer care in Bermuda.”

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