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Relay For Life of Bermuda Celebrates Record-Breaking Fundraising and Event Awards

The Centre, in conjunction with Relay For Life of Bermuda, proudly announce the remarkable fundraising and event awards in a record-breaking year. During the closing ceremony at the 24-hour event held May 12-13, it was revealed that the Relay community had raised an astonishing $642,205, surpassing all previous event-day fundraising records in Relay's 10-year history. Since then, teams have continued their fundraising efforts, and as of the Team & Volunteer Thank You Reception held this week, the current total stands at an impressive $804,530.

"This incredible achievement is a testament to our community's unwavering support and camaraderie. The funding required to support Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre's Equal Access Fund alone amounts to approximately $2.2 million annually. We are immensely proud to acknowledge that Relay For Life is the largest contributor to this fund every year," remarked Deborah Titterton Narraway, Chief Marketing & Fundraising Officer for Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and Relay For Life Co-Event Chair. "This truly exemplifies the power of our community supporting one another. No one has a rainy day fund sitting around waiting to hear the words "you have cancer". The Equal Access Fund plays a vital role in subsidising the cost of the Centre's clinical services when an individual's health insurance falls short of covering the full expenses or when someone lacks health insurance and faces the burden of a $40,000 treatment cost."

During the Thank You Reception, financial awards were presented to the top fundraiser (donations submitted by May 31). The top non-corporate fundraising team, "Don't Stop Believing," claimed the top spot by raising an impressive $13,625. Meanwhile, "The Sun Lifers" emerged as the top corporate fundraising team for the second consecutive year, raising an outstanding $45,684. Furthermore, recognition was bestowed upon the top new fundraising teams, with "BAC - Battle Against Breast Cancer" claiming the title of Top Corporate Newcomer after raising $8,495 and "Team Prickly Pears" being named the Top Non-Corporate Newcomer with a remarkable fundraising total of $4,000.

Acknowledgement was also given to the ten teams that each raised over $10,000, earning them induction into the esteemed Heroes Club. The teams recognised for their outstanding contributions were: "The Sun Lifers," "Serve With Liberty," "RenRe Avengers," "Chubb," "Team Tango (Lancashire)," "Do What Moves You," "KPMG," "Don't Stop Believing," "AIG Together," and "Corks For A Cure."

In addition to the fundraising achievements, several teams were recognised for enhancing the event's atmosphere and embodying the spirit of Relay For Life. A three-way tie for the Best Decorated Campsite was awarded to "Pirates of the Cureibbean," "Team One Wish (Jose's Garden)," and "CG Crusaders." The Friendliest Team honour tied "BAC's Battle Against Cancer" and "Saltus." The accolade for Best Dressed Team went to "BAC's Battle Against," and "Corks For A Cure" received the well-deserved title of Best Onsite Fundraiser. 

Over the past ten years, Relay For Life of Bermuda has raised an astounding total, of over $6.3 million, with 75% of these funds directly impacting the local community. In the initial three years, $3 million was raised and donated to the Radiation Therapy Initiative, making Relay the largest donor to the $10 million capital campaign that brought radiation therapy treatment to the Island. Subsequently, the raised funds have been directed towards supporting Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre's Equal Access Fund. Additionally, 3% of the funds raised contribute to Global Relay for Life's cancer control initiatives worldwide.

The Volunteer Event Committee also wish to thank the numerous volunteers and sponsors who play a vital role in the success of Relay For Life. Their dedication, passion, and selflessness contributed to creating a powerful and impactful event. They generously donate their time, skills, energy and funds to support the cause, whether through organising logistics, stuffing team bags, coordinating activities, assisting participants, or funding the event so that every dollar the teams raise can support the cause. Their invaluable contributions amplify the impact of the event, helping to raise funds and providing access to cancer prevention, early detection and treatment services for anyone who needs it.

"On behalf of the Board and Staff of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and the Relay For Life of Bermuda volunteer event committee, we extend heartfelt gratitude to the entire Relay community for your continued support and dedication as we work together to build healthier lives free of cancer and disease," concluded Narraway.

Relay For Life is a year-round movement with teams continuing to fundraise and donate throughout the year. For more information or to make a donation, please visit or contact Deborah Titterton Narraway at 441-236-0949 or

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