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St. Baldrick's Bermuda Event 2021


June 2021


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Although there will be no formal event, we are grateful to all the shavees who have stepped forward for this cause.  Please continue to show your support by making a donation.

Ways you can get involved:

Bermuda's shavee's typically raise an astonishing $400,000 - $600,000, of which the St. Baldrick's Foundation grants 10% to Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre's SunSmart programme (skin cancer awareness and prevention programme for children). 

How Funds are Used 

The Baldrick's Foundation funds are used - 74% funds research to find a cure, 22% goes to fundraising (website, phones, postage, printing, t-shirts, office space, staff, etc.) and 4% goes to administration (accounting, distributing and monitoring grants, etc). St. Baldrick's takes it responsiblity to be efficient and good stewards of every dollar donated very seriously, and strives to put the most funding possible into the hands of researchers who can cure childhood cancers. 

If you have questions about cancer, we have answers:

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