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MOvember Bermuda is a community of amazing people raising money, making a difference in men’s overall health and in particular prostate cancer.


Man up and register today, and raise awareness and funds by signing up to one of the following:

  1. GROW A MO or a beard for 30 days, your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health.
  2. HOST A MO-MENT go big or keep it simple. Rally your colleagues virtually or in person for a party, a game of football in the park, or a good old-fashioned cook out – whatever you like. Hosting is all about having a good time for a good cause. Ask people to donate what they would spend on a night out, towards Men’s Health.
  3. GIVE MONTHLY - a MO-nthly donation of just $10 will make a difference.

Click this link to register and then click the 'Create Sponsor Me' page button at the top of this page and set up your online fundraising page (have team name, photo and a blurb on why you are participating ready).

You will be invited to celebrate at the MOfinale on December 4th, 6:00pm at Fort Hamilton.

2020 may not feel like a good year to ask people for money - CLICK HERE for tips and guideline.


CLICK HERE to download the MOvember Bermuda Flyer 


What Men Should Know about: 

Early Detection 

Reducing Your Cancer Risk 

Know when to Get Screened 


100% of funds donated will directly support men in our community to receive prostate consultations, detection testing and radiation therapy.


MOvember Bermuda is proudly supported by: Gilette logo


Prize Categories

Growing the MO remains the ultimate sacrifice and will be awarded in the following categories:

• Ultimate Mo - A Mo Brother judged purely on the intricate grooming and styling of his Mo. A good outfit helps too!
• Lame Mo – An encouragement award given to our "Facial Folically Challenged" Brethren.
• Team Mo – The team to have the best moustache and outfit combination.
• Best Mo in Character – A Mo Brother dressed in character.
Non growing categories:

• Miss MOvember Bermuda – The Mo Sister judged to have the best dressed and full of spirit.
• Man of MOvember Bermuda – The ultimate accolade, the man which best embodies and men's health.
• Team of MOvember Bermuda - When we look at you there will be no doubt what you did to raise money!

Fundraising Challenges:

While you are raising needed funds to support Men’s Health Initiative in Bermuda, there are some accolades to earn:

• Mo Mo - Awarded each year to the individual who raises the most amount of money
• Mo Sister - Awarded each year to the Mo Sister who raises the most amount of money during the campaign
• Team Mo - The team who raise the most amount of money (and does not fit one of the categories below)
Trophies to display your bragging rights for one year are awarded in the following categories:
• Financial Services Challenge - For those Mo Teams who know how to rock a power moustache/event with a power suit, the Financial Services Challenge is for any and all Mo Teams working at a bank, fund, insurance company, or accounting firm.  
• Hospitality Challenge – Bermudian hospitality is known for its friendly faces, let’s add a little competition for the month of November. Hotels, restaurants, bars bring together your staff and patrons for 30 days of raising funds.
• Sportsman Challenge – let’s get some healthy competition going.  Bring your team, club and fellow fans together and raise funds throughout the month of November.
The fundraising awards will be announced, on December 14th, giving all participants the opportunity to submit their fundraising dollars including corporate matching. 
Entries close for the Fundraising Awards on Friday, December 9th, 2020 at 2pm

If you have questions about cancer, we have answers:

Everyone Deserves Equal Access!

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