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Men's Health Screening 2019


November 2019

Seventh Day Adventist Hall, King Street, Hamilton

Start Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Event Information

Encourage your husband, father, brother and any other man who is important in your life to attend.  
The Men’s Health Screening is a FREE event and all men are encouraged to attend especially those who may not have had a visit to their doctor for an annual check up in the last 12 months.
Annual check-ups are important:
  • They can help you stay healthy, talk about any concerns and pick up early warning signs of disease or illness
  • Screening tests may help your doctor to detect diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers in their early stages.
  • If you are at high risk of a particular disease, get tested for that disease regularly, regardless of your age.


More Information

Screenings will include: 

Blood Glucose
Blood Pressure
Body Composition
Lung Function
Foot Exam 
Cognative Screening NEW
Oral cancer check NEW 
... and many more!


Physicians and Nutritionists will be available for brief consultations.

Please call 236-1001 ext 1005 for more information.


Know your numbers – free Men’s Health Screening. 

At 50, talk to your doctor about prostate cancer and whether it’s right for you to have a PSA test. If you are of African or Caribbean descent or have a father or brother with prostate cancer, you should be having this conversation at 45. Know your numbers, know your risk, talk to your doctor. 

If you don’t know your numbers or have not seen a doctor in a few years Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre hosts a free Men’s Health Screening every November.  This year it is being held on November 21, 10 am, - 4 pm at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall on King Street. 


Sponsored by: and AXA Man on the RUN

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