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Lighten up your holiday gift giving this season.  By giving the gift of a donation to Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s Radiation Therapy Initiative you are giving an invaluable gift to someone you don’t know.


Here's why this is a great idea ...

  • You and your recipient will be improving the lives of people in need of radiation therapy treatment, by affording uninsured and underinsured access to life-saving treatment.
  • It's quick and easy: All you have to do is click a button, and we will email you a certificate you can present to or email to the recipient – ideal if you're pressed for time.
  • If the recipient is generally hard to buy for, a donation gift is a great way of making sure they're not left out without getting them something they neither want nor need.
  • A donation gift can make the recipient feel good about themselves because they've helped someone out instead of having to find room for yet another thing in their overcrowded lives.

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If you have questions about cancer, we have answers: