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Cancer Talk


June 2024

City Hall Arts Centre

Start Time: 5:30pm
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Event Information

26 June 2024
5:30PM - 7:00PM at the City Hall Arts Centre (top floor)

Jacob Sands, MD
Associate Oncology Medical Director, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, International Patient Center

This discussion will delve into the comprehensive approach to lung cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Furthermore, it will shed light on the statistical prevalence of lung cancer in Bermuda, along with detailing the available programs aimed at prevention.


More Information

Lung cancer accounts for about 13% of all new cancer diagnoses globally, making it the most common cancer worldwide. Despite advancements in treatment, it remains the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, with approximately 1.8 million deaths annually. Early detection and smoking cessation are crucial in reducing its impact on public health.

Source: American Cancer Society

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