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12th Annual SunSmart Accreditation Training


June 2020

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, 46 Point Finger Road, Paget

Event Info

Who: Sessions are open to all Organisers, Leaders, and Counsellors of Summer Camps, Youth Sports Programmes, and Summer Activity Groups for Children.

What: The SunSmart Accreditation Programme provides you with the information you need to run a sun safe camp including: risk factors, proactive sun protection behaviours, assistance with developing a sun protection policy for your camp, and ideas for communicating your policy with the parents/guardians of the children left in your care. A representative of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre will visit your programme while in operation and then provide a written report offering suggestions for improvement if needed. In addition, participants will receive an emergency supply of hats, sunscreen and sunglasses for campers.

Where: Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, 46 Point Finger Road, Paget

 When: June 23rd      Time: 5:30 – 7:00pm

 Why: Just one severe sunburn as a child, can increase the risk of developing skin cancer by 50%. To get your camp on the road to being SunSmart, sign up for the SunSmart Accreditation Programme with Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre; important criteria parents will be looking for when choosing a camp!


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