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Discover a wealth of scientifically based, current information to support your cancer journey. While we would love to create original local content, we recognise the abundance of available valuable resources. Instead, we offer you easy access to up-to-date information that will empower and guide you on your path to wellness. Explore our curated collection of reliable resources and embark on a well-informed and supported cancer journey.

Here is a range of cancer information resources about diagnosis, treatment and well-being. You can browse by format or by topic.

Audio books - MacMillan Cancer Support, UK

Blogs - MacMillan Cancer Support, UK

Booklets - MacMillan Cancer Support, UK

Videos - Canadian Cancer Society, Canada

Healthy Recipies - Canadian Cancer Society, Canada

Anatomy Gallery, Explore 3D interactive tours of the human anatomy - American Cancer Society, USA

Cancer Facts & Figures for African American/Black People - American Cancer Society, USA

African American/Black people have the highest death rate and shortest survival of any racial/ethnic group in the US for most cancers. This publication provides the estimated numbers of new cancer cases and deaths for African American/Black people, as well as the most recent statistics on cancer occurrence; risk factors (e.g., tobacco use, obesity, and physical inactivity); and the use of cancer screening tests.

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