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Knowing about other people’s personal experience of cancer can be a source of support and inspiration when you or someone you love is going through cancer treatment.

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Phillippa's breast cancer journey - I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer through my mammogram. I had my radiation treatment at Bermuda cancer and Health Centre.

Gloria's breast cancer journey - I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer after I found a lump in my breast. I was only 33 years old.

Ellen's breast cancer journey - I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 1 Triple Negative breast cancer. It was the day before my 60th birthday

Carmen's breast cancer journey - I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer after my routine mammogram.

"Running Battle"Fighting spirit: Jon Beard, who lost his wife and father to cancer, and has beaten prostate cancer himself.

"A taste for success" - About four years ago, Julie Grayston-Smith lost her sense of taste.She had breast cancer, and the chemotherapy and radiation treatments left their mark.As she cooked for a living, it made her job very difficult."You get this.

"Little family wear hearts on their sleeves"Josephine Little initially diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, three years later heard the words ' you have cancer' a second time.

"I live everyday to the fullest" - Richard Caisey, rare cancer of connective tissues survivor.

"Cancer has an uncanny way of knowing when you give in” - Robert Emmett, stage 4 bladder cancer survivor.

Tribute for Malinda Binns - lost her battle in Nov. 2016, melanoma of the sinuses, cancer of the kidney and brain cancer

"I want to show my gratitude" - Sherlyn Swan-Caisey, multiple myeloma survivor

"The story of my health battle" - our own Rhonda Smith-Simmons, stage 2 triple negative breast cancer survivor

"Cancer survivor Dunkley urges vigilance" - Pamala Dunkley, breast cancer survivor

"Carla's brave breast cancer battle" - Carla Bean, breast cancer survivor

"Testicular cancer: survivor shares his story" - Richard de Whittaker, advanced testicular cancer survivor

"Cancer survivor - determined to help others" - Giovanna Watson, colon cancer survivor

"Our happy place on the Green – A Tribute to a Cherished Brother"

Iconic pairs have marked history in various fields, such as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in English detective lore, or the dynamic Batman and Robin in comics. Similarly, the inseparable bond between Garth and Traddie, though less renowned, is equally profound.

Our journey as indistinguishable companions began in childhood, where our identical dressing often led to amusing mix-ups, a quirk we attributed to our mother's fondness for sales. Our relocation from Jamaica to Toronto as teenagers marked a transition from our first love, cricket, to a shared passion for golf.

While Garth had a decade's head start in golf, my relocation to Bermuda in 2005 ignited my own passion for the sport. The friendly rivalry that ensued was marked by diligent practice and spirited competition. Golf became more than a game to us; it was our sanctuary and therapy, a way to connect over the PGA Tour or our own experiences on the green.

Garth's four-year battle with bladder cancer epitomized his unyielding spirit. Despite his health challenges, he remained determined to play golf, managing his pain to enjoy the game he loved. At 54, a devoted father of three, Garth's resilience and focus on his family were unwavering.

In his memory, I pledge to donate $50 for each birdie I achieve in my weekly golf games to support Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre. Since his passing on July 20th, 2023, I have made 15 birdies in 17 rounds. Additionally, I aspire to organize an annual golf event to raise awareness and support for bladder cancer patients.

Garth's vibrant, unpredictable nature, brimming with wit and humor, left us with countless stories and treasured memories. Though he is dearly missed, his spirit continues to guide us: I can hear his voice saying, "Keep your head down, eyes on the ball, slow your swing, and stay out of the rough."

Traddie Simpson

The Green Family The Mary-Jean Mitchell Green Ultrasound Suite was dedicated in 2012, and her name now oversees the new breast biopsy service made possible by the purchase of premium equipment including a new ultrasound system. Meet Mary-Jean Mitchell Green

BGA's Biggest Losers

In June 2011, BGA Wholesale Distributor held a company-wide Biggest Loser Competition. One of the prize categories was labeled the "Winning Team". The Winning Team would win the opportunity to donate $500.00 to a local charity of their choice;

There were 5 competing teams. Team names were: BLADES, GLADIATORS, AFTERSHOCKS, WILD THINGS and DOMINATORS. In September 2011, BGA announced the winning team to be TEAM BLADES!!!! Team Blades started off with 9 team members and lost 4 team members during the course of the competition.

Team Blades won the competition with its remaining 5 team members. These team members lost a combined total of 42.6Ibs. Very Impressive. Team Blades chose to donate to the Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre. Blades (Original) Team Members are: Shawnette Burgess - Team Captain, Shervi-Ann Hendrickson-Litchmore, Susan Williams, Clarice Bowen, Marisol Wainwright, Ryan Wade, Billy Dunn, Tamara Ingham, Zather Hardy

Congratulations and thank you for your invaluable services to Bermuda!!!!

Running the Boston Marathon

Starring: Mairi Redmond, Sharon Craig, Deanna Didyk and Sarah Smith.

It all started as an innocent girls catch up dinner just before Christmas, another year nearly over and another birthday looming and for two of us, big ones.  Sharon was turning 50 and Deanna 40 so what could we do to make them special, a foolish thought by Sharon, lets run a marathon together.  Wine talking, we all agreed and that's how Boston came about.  As for choosing Bermuda Cancer and Health  we have all had somebody we know suffer from cancer and whilst we were all running (17 miles) together early one morning we pondered the fact that statistics show that maybe one of us would indeed come into contact directly with cancer so here was our chance to help out and play a part in the fight against breast cancer.

Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva...

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39, however, I am so happy to say that I am a SURVIVOR and to be able to share my story with others.   Thank goodness I was having regular mammograms beginning at the age of 30, as they spotted the lump during my yearly routine mammogram.  I must say at this point, it is very important that women schedule and have their mammograms yearly, as if I had not had mine, I would not have known that I had cancer.  Early detection is key and my lump was so small, that I could not even feel it, right up until the day that I had surgery.  Click here to read more.

Roger's Walk for Charity

On Thursday 14th May 2009 Roger Completed the Cornish section of the South West Coastal Path in just 16 days and raised over $30,000 dollars for bermuda Cancer and Health Centre and the UK Breast Cancer Charity Breakthrough. Congratulations Roger on your amazing achievement!!!

To read more about Roger's journey click here.

The Restless Native

Already painted pink, the Restless Native will be raising her sails to honour people affected by breast cancer.  Restless Native has teamed up with Lindo's and Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre to help beat breast cancer - Cruise for a Cure launches this month providing an opportunity for people to sail through Bermuda's Harbor and Great Sound while raising money to aid a local charity. To find out the story behind the Restless Native, click here.

"Deep Water"

This powerful video tells of a daughter's emotional story of wading into the rising flood of information about her mother's stage III ovarian cancer diagnosis. The story illustrates the difficult but important role family members can play in helping a loved one make informed cancer treatment decisions, including the possibility of a clinical trial. The story also describes how to contact the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Information Service for knowledgeable, caring, and personalized help in understanding cancer and available resources. NCI's cancer information specialists are trained to answer cancer-related questions by telephone (1-800-4-CANCER).

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