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MOvember Bermuda™ 2022

November 1st 2022

Deloitte Bermuda needs your help

fundraising target $7000
donations so far $8432

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Deloitte Bermuda

Why am I doing this?

Deloitte Bermuda 2022 Movember

About the Event

By joining this movement you become part of our mission to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives.

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Whether you Grow, Host or Give Monthly – solo or in a team – you’re raising much-needed funds and awareness for local men’s health initiatives, including the free men’s health screening events, Men's Health Reduce Your Risk presentations, and the Centre’s Equal Access Fund, providing financial subsidisation for prostate consultation, ultrasounds, biopsies, and radiation therapy.

Since 2010, MOvember Bermuda™ has raised over $544,576!  In 2020, 61 men in our community were directly supported through the Centre's equal access programme which subidises the cost of services when one's health insurance does not cover 100% of a clinical service, or covers the full cost of clinical services for those without health insurance.

Choose how you wish to participate from the following:

1.   GROW A MO or a beard for 30 days, your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Wondering what a MO is? A MO is a powerful tool.  In what ever shape you grow the hair on your upper lip, your moustache makes a difference.

2.   HOST A MO-MENT go big or keep it simple. Rally your colleagues/friends virtually or in person for a party, a game of football in the park, or a good old-fashioned cook out – whatever you like. Hosting is all about having a good time for a good cause. Ask people to donate what they would spend on a night out towards Men’s Health.

3.   GIVE MONTHLY - a MO-nthly donation of just $10 will make a difference.

Once you have registered, you can set up your online fundraising page by clicking the 'Create Sponsor Me' page button at the top of this page (have team name, photo and a blurb on why you are participating ready).

You will be invited to celebrate at the MOfinale on November 30th! Check out the prize categories below.


Display Name Date Amount Comment
Chris & Melinda 19/11/22 $50.00 Proud of all you do James!
Antoine 21/11/22 $75.00
LaKea 21/11/22 $50.00 #mosista
Kenneth M Wangaruro 21/11/22 $55.00 n/a
Leah Amaral 21/11/22 $150.00
Anonymous 21/11/22 $300.00
Ali Lynch 21/11/22 $50.00
Sibulele Rasonti 21/11/22 $140.00
Edel F 21/11/22 $110.00 Great auction everyone :)
Katryn Smith 21/11/22 $200.00
John Johnston 21/11/22 $2120.00 For the Deloitte team!
Vuyina 22/11/22 $30.00 This is an incredible initiative, thank you
JOAN 22/11/22 $220.00 Triple Choco Inside Out Cake
Nathanael Fubler 22/11/22 $500.00
Clyde Sinnicks 22/11/22 $50.00 Congratulations JIMMY
Arrunimaa Pande 22/11/22 $190.00
Uncle Arch 22/11/22 $20.00 Good luck
Nina Coetzer 22/11/22 $150.00
Paul Egan 22/11/22 $235.00 Bake sale
Anshuman Singh 22/11/22 $120.00 Deloitte Movember
Jacob 22/11/22 $410.00
Sherika Parfitt 22/11/22 $80.00 Deloitte Bermuda - Movember Bake Sale
Muna 22/11/22 $90.00 great cause
Jack Fox 22/11/22 $180.00 Thanks to all bake sale organizers!
Anonymous 22/11/22 $105.00 $35 for the Sugar Cookies
$70 for the Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ M&Ms
Anna Burns 22/11/22 $190.00
FAS Team 22/11/22 $150.00 Great job lads!!!
Matt Kenny 22/11/22 $110.00
Anonymous 22/11/22 $240.00
Julia Mitchell 22/11/22 $120.00
Anonymous 22/11/22 $100.00
Egor Nesterenko 22/11/22 $80.00
Divan Steyn 22/11/22 $400.00
Clayton Chuah 23/11/22 $120.00
Myandra Shunmugam 23/11/22 $180.00
24/11/22 $105.00
Yvonne 25/11/22 $50.00 Go team Deloitte!
Chinmay Garg 25/11/22 $12.00 Small amount. But I hope it counts. All thanks to Audit Senior Arrunimaa Pande for encourage me by showing how Deloitte Bermuda actually makes an IMPACT on impact day! Good Luck to everyone! You guys are true good samaritans.
Anonymous 25/11/22 $130.00
Janice Richards 28/11/22 $45.00
Anonymous 29/11/22 $100.00 thanks
Ciara Henry 30/11/22 $100.00
Katie J 30/11/22 $20.00
Jimmy Caplice 01/12/22 $100.00 Well done guys! Great effort!
Lewis 01/12/22 $250.00
Luke Hyland 02/12/22 $50.00
Alex Turcotte 08/12/22 $100.00 Thanks to all involved in supporting a great a cause!

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