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MOvember Bermuda™ 2022

November 1st 2022

Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club needs your help

fundraising target $20000
donations so far $3750

Sorry Online donations are closed for this Event - if you would still like to make a donation please email or call 236 1001 for payment details

Bermuda Rouleurs Cycling Club

Why am I doing this?

BRCC Ride Against Cancer Join BRCC as we ride a loop of the island (~100km) to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. The group ride will meet on November 27, 2022 at the Botanical Gardens with a planned start time of 8:30 am. The ride will begin at the Botanical Gardens and head out to Dockyard via South Road, back along Middle Road, onto Harbour Road and Front Street. We will pit stop at Miles to refill water, have a coffee and refuel, then head along North Shore out to St. George’s then St. David’s and back to Botanical Gardens via Wilkinson Ave. The route can be found on Strava by searching “BRCC MOvember Ride” and can be downloaded to a gps device. Feel free to join for the entire loop, or any portion thereof. If you can’t join the ride, please feel free to donate. Ride open to all ages and all genders. MO's aren't required by definitely welcome!

About the Event

By joining this movement you become part of our mission to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Have you RSVP'd for the MOFinale on November 30th?

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Whether you Grow, Host or Give Monthly – solo or in a team – you’re raising much-needed funds and awareness for local men’s health initiatives, including the free men’s health screening events, Men's Health Reduce Your Risk presentations, and the Centre’s Equal Access Fund, providing financial subsidisation for prostate consultation, ultrasounds, biopsies, and radiation therapy.

Since 2010, MOvember Bermuda™ has raised over $544,576!  In 2020, 61 men in our community were directly supported through the Centre's equal access programme which subidises the cost of services when one's health insurance does not cover 100% of a clinical service, or covers the full cost of clinical services for those without health insurance.

Choose how you wish to participate from the following:

1.   GROW A MO or a beard for 30 days, your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Wondering what a MO is? A MO is a powerful tool.  In what ever shape you grow the hair on your upper lip, your moustache makes a difference.

2.   HOST A MO-MENT go big or keep it simple. Rally your colleagues/friends virtually or in person for a party, a game of football in the park, or a good old-fashioned cook out – whatever you like. Hosting is all about having a good time for a good cause. Ask people to donate what they would spend on a night out towards Men’s Health.

3.   GIVE MONTHLY - a MO-nthly donation of just $10 will make a difference.

Once you have registered, you can set up your online fundraising page by clicking the 'Create Sponsor Me' page button at the top of this page (have team name, photo and a blurb on why you are participating ready).

You will be invited to celebrate at the MOfinale on November 30th! Check out the prize categories below.


Display Name Date Amount Comment
Tadders 31/10/22 $250.00 Well organized Nick
Sue carter 02/11/22 $15.00
Danny Clegg 03/11/22 $10.00
Helder Rocha 08/11/22 $100.00
Luis Rocha 08/11/22 $100.00
Adam 12/11/22 $50.00 Great cause pal ??
Jennifer Lightbourne 16/11/22 $100.00 I'll take any excuse not to have to wax my mustache!
Chris Seymour 17/11/22 $25.00
Diane 19/11/22 $25.00
Stacia Williams 22/11/22 $100.00 Go Nick and Anthony!!
Anonymous 22/11/22 $50.00
Kirsty 22/11/22 $100.00
Pam Williams 22/11/22 $100.00 Well done Anthony and Nick!
Anonymous 22/11/22 $100.00
Judy White 23/11/22 $250.00
Geoff & Emma Law 23/11/22 $25.00
Pam Williams 23/11/22 $50.00 In honour of Varun taking up the challenge!
Clifford Morris 23/11/22 $200.00 Let's Go!
Cleo 23/11/22 $100.00
Stefanos 23/11/22 $50.00
Mark 23/11/22 $100.00
Steve 25/11/22 $100.00 Never underestimate a man with a moustache.
Jonah 25/11/22 $50.00
Kris Hedges 25/11/22 $100.00
Nick 26/11/22 $100.00
Anonymous 26/11/22 $50.00
Andrew C 26/11/22 $50.00
Ron Lucas 26/11/22 $100.00
Christopher J White 26/11/22 $50.00
Pineys 26/11/22 $50.00
IAN Charles HENDERSON 26/11/22 $200.00
Mark and Tina 26/11/22 $100.00
Kian Wookey 26/11/22 $200.00
John Mcglynn 27/11/22 $50.00
Thirds 27/11/22 $100.00
Will P 27/11/22 $100.00
Anonymous 27/11/22 $100.00
Stephen Ryan 27/11/22 $100.00
Jonny & Nicole Carter 27/11/22 $100.00
29/11/22 $50.00
Peter Dunne 01/12/22 $100.00

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