Friday morning I begin to have problems with my bowels and my abdomen begins to swell. By five o’clock I look like I am nine months pregnant and find myself in emergency at Hershey Medical Centre in Pennsylvania. I was given a liquid to drink and sent home.

By Saturday morning I am back in emergency where many tests were done and by six o’clock I was told that I had to have major surgery to have my colon removed depending on the findings when they operate as I had a major blockage. So off to surgery, not knowing what to expect.

I awake to find four inches of my colon had been removed and I had Stage 3 colon cancer and an ostomy. My 12” wound was closed with a wound vac for 6 weeks.

In August I started twelve sessions of highest chemo every two weeks. My body was broken and I could only manage ten sessions.

After 10 months of going back and forth to Hershey I was released to come home. I sank into a deep depression and my compassionate psychiatrist Shantell Simmons worked with me for 2 years.

In November of 2012 following my annual check-up the news came that I needed my entire colon removed. Another set back! In February of 2013 off I went to have another major, this time laproscopic, surgery. I now have an ileostomy.

I had one of the best surgeons one could have, also a wonderful oncologist in Hershey Hospital.

Come May I will be 6 years cancer free.

I am back to normal and feeling good for an almost 80 year old. I am so thankful for my family and friends and most of all, my heavenly Father who walked beside me all the way. I am a miracle walking.

Early detection and intervention is the answer!