Juanae Simmons Story

My name is Juanae Simmons. I'm 33 years old and have 2 beautiful daughters aged 8 & 3.

On February 14, 2014, I was diagnosed with a sinus cancer.

I developed what I thought to be a polyp in my right nostril and thought it would go away with nasal sprays and time. But as time went on the polyp became bigger and caused constant nose bleeds. One Sunday I woke up and the polyp had ballooned out of my nose.

I went to K.E.M.H. only to be told that they couldn't touch my nose and I had to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist.   

Dr. Miller was a GOD SEND!!! He scheduled me to have the polyp surgically removed. After my surgery Dr. Miller informed me that the polyp was worse than anticipated and he sent the tissue off for further testing. Valentine’s Day Dr. Miller had to inform me that the reports showed I had a sinus cancer. I fell apart almost immediately.  I was 31 and had 2 young daughters.

Cancer was the last thing I expected to have, especially in my NOSE!! I called my Aunt who is a breast cancer survivor, and when she got there she helped me regain some composure and helped me by going over with Dr. Miller the plan of action.

A week later I was at Lahey in Burlington, MA, with my 18 month old daughter, my mother and godmother by my side. Once there, I went through a series of scans, tests, and examinations. It took 2 1/2 weeks to decide how they were going to proceed with my radiation plan. This was because of the area the cancer had formed in was very close to my eye.

I was fitted for and had to wear a mask that had to be snapped down from my head to my shoulders which constricted me from moving. I had 2 doses of chemotherapy and just 8 weeks of radiation. During this time in my life I found out how strong willed I really am.

I made up my mind that cancer wasn't going to break me and that me and my daughters had so much more to accomplish in life!! Thank you to Dr. Miller here in Bermuda, Dr. Girshovich, Dr.Dolan, and Dr. Nugent and their teams for taking good care of me.

Thank you to my Mommy for coming to my side and watching over me and my daughter and making sure everything ran smoothly (momager lol). Thank you to my Godmother who not only helped take care of me but also helped my Mommy cope with the whole ordeal!!

To my Family and Friends, thank you for prayers, encouraging words and good old Bermy gossip to help me get through my rocky season. Most of all thank you to my daughters who kept Mommy’s spirit going through it all!! I love you all.