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Prevention and Early Detection Education

We are committed to educating the community of the importance of being proactive about their health. Our educational programs help fulfill our mission to raise awareness about the prevention and early detection of cancer. We have several educational initiatives we offer to the community. You can learn more about each of these programs below.

Meet our Education Team


Rhonda J. Smith-Simmons RN, BA, MBA - LungSmart Coordinator (part-time)

 During her career as a registered nurse, Rhonda Smith-Simmons has worked both locally and in the U.S.A in diverse clinical areas including hospice units. At King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Ms. Smith-Simmons has held the position of Assistant Unit Coordinator in both the paediatric and intensive care units where one of her primary roles was orientation of new staff. She has also been an Adjunct Lecturer at the Bermuda College for the Continuing Care Workers Certificate program.  Send Rhonda an email.


 Azuree Williams - SunSmart Coordinator 

With 25 years experience in the positive and intellectual development of children; having run her own homeschool and tutoring service, facilitated youth groups and summer camps; she worked as a Behavioral Therapist for Autistic children. Mrs. Williams has sound roots in the importance of assisting our young people in enhancing their knowledge on a wide range of subject matters.  She has also served in several areas of community service, utilizing a diverse background to reach many sectors of the community. As the SunSmart Programme Coordinator, Mrs. Williams brings an interactive, informative and focused message distinctive to our island, a message tailored for children and adults alike, to protect themselves against the sun and the potential risk of developing skin cancer.

Our Education Programmes

Men's Health Programme & Health Check Voucher

LungSmart Programme

SunSmart Programme

Wellness Talks

For Prevention and Early Detection for specific cancers please click here.