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Movember 2010

November 1st 2010 Launch Party

Somers Kempe needs your help

Fundraising Target: $5000

Donations So Far: $3617

Sorry Online donations are closed for this Event - if you would still like to make a donation please email or call 236 1001 for payment details

Why am I doing this

Donate to a worthy cause!

About the Event

Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is looking for a few good men... Willing to change the face of men’s health.


Must be willing to grow facial hair (MO-Bro)
Must be willing to solicit friends, co- workers and relatives for the cause (MO-money)
Must be willing to accept prizes for a job well done (MO-fab)

If this is you... please participate in Movember 
Facial hair for a cause
Sign up on line and get growing!.....


Sign up by November 1st  - click on Sign Up Now button above and sign up as a team or individual (have a picture and info blurb ready to enter when prompted)
Show up at Robin Hood and meet other Mo-Bros
Solicit funds (mo–money mo-better!) by directing supporters to your sponsorship page
Submit pictures and comments ( Mo-famous) by emailing
Participate in Mo Events – Beer tastings, contests details to follow
Feel good

Why do it?

To support Men's Health Programmes in Bermuda
Just because you want a reason to grow that Mo :)

Display Name Date Amount Comment
Coli 03/11/10 $100.00 You better take me out for a ride in the Viper Somers!
Sebastian 03/11/10 $2.00 Daddy, I know I said I would pledge $1200, but I only had $2 in my piggy bank.
Uncle Nu Nu 03/11/10 $25.00 Nice work dude!
Anonymous 04/11/10 $25.00
04/11/10 $50.00 Good luck Somers!
Karen Rego 04/11/10 $100.00
Craig Davis 04/11/10 $100.00
Pongo 05/11/10 $250.00 Magnum PI ringtone contest winner
Julian Aziz 07/11/10 $250.00
Stinky Pete 07/11/10 $10.00
Somers, Chia and Libby 08/11/10 $200.00 what colour viper are you getting?
Stephen Thomas Matching Gift Program 10/11/10 $25.00
Mark J 11/11/10 $50.00
Fresh 16/11/10 $100.00 Oh, we'll talk about it in private...
Lars & Liz 18/11/10 $100.00
Anonymous 18/11/10 $25.00
D'Arcey & Roger & Rachael 22/11/10 $150.00
Adam, Debbie, Phoebe and Lilly 24/11/10 $100.00 It took us many years to go for a ride in the JS9000...hopefully not as long for one in the Viper!!!
Vivienne & Ben 29/11/10 $50.00
Barry Z 30/11/10 $50.00
Fox 30/11/10 $20.00 Very good cause - and the mustache looks good on you Somers.
Anonymous 30/11/10 $500.00 Good luck Magmum !
Buggy Powell 30/11/10 $10.00
30/11/10 $200.00
Kathleen Moroney 30/11/10 $50.00
Fletch 30/11/10 $100.00 Better late than never!
30/11/10 $50.00
Pete 30/11/10 $25.00
30/11/10 $50.00
Anonymous 01/12/10 $150.00
Stephen & Jill Kempe 01/12/10 $250.00
Tim Patton 03/12/10 $50.00 well done
Susan A Titterton 08/12/10 $200.00
Jessie DeCouto and Katie Taylor 08/12/10 $200.00 Cash Donation