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Records number of camps get sun smart

A cancer charity has seen its largest number of summer camps eager to learn about protective measures against skin cancer for three years.

About 25 camps were recognised on Monday for completing the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s (BCHC) SunSmart Programme.

Azuree Williams, of the BCHC, said that the charity saw more than one hundred counsellors and directors enrolled in this summer’s programme, compared to the less than 70 participants last year.

She added that the amount of camps who were accredited this year eclipsed the number of accreditations from 2019 and 2018.

Ms Williams said: “Every other year the numbers tend to take a dip, so we weren’t expecting this many camps to accredit this year.

“It was amazing to have seen the participation increase from last year when we thought that this would have a low turnout.”

She added: “Camps and programmes are also really taking being sun-smart and protecting their campers or students to heart.

“It means that whatever the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is doing through the SunSmart Programme is working.

“It really feels like we are making an impact in the community.”

The SunSmart Programme offers free training every June to show those involved how to protect themselves and others from cancer-causing UV rays.

Summer camps must have a plan for how they will ensure sun safety approved by the BCHC.

They are also assessed throughout the summer to make sure that they meet BCHC’s safety requirements, such as adequate shading and proper use of sunblock.

Ms Williams said that each accreditation lasted for a year and that camps were urged to renew it annually.

She added that she hoped to see more participants in the coming years.

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