BVA and BGA partner to Support SunSmart

The Bermuda Volleyball Association [BVA] and BGA Wholesale Distributors [BGA] donated $2,000 to Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre following the 2019 SolRX Beach Tournament.

The Centre is grateful for the continued support of the Bermuda Volleyball Association in helping to promote the importance of sun protection while participating in outdoor activity and raising awareness of the consequences of sun exposure.

Over the years, the Bermuda Volleyball Association has donated $14,000 to support the Centre's SunSmart Programmes. The SunSmart programme is a school and summer camp based scheme which aims to increase the awareness of our youth about the importance of practising SunSmart behaviours while outdoors to reduce skin cancer in adulthood.

The 2019 SolRX Beach Volleyball Tournament was presented by the BVA and sponsored by SolRX and BGA Wholesale Distributors.

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