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Breach of Physical Distancing by Employee

Hamilton, Bermuda, May 5, 2020 –  Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre is aware that over the weekend, a single member of staff engaged in personal activities that did not adhere to COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations. 

"Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre understands the importance of physical distancing during this COVID-19 emergency and has reiterated that to all employees" states Lynne Woolridge, chief executive officer. "The action of this member of staff is disappointing, however, the Centre has put steps in place to ensure that patient safety is not compromised. Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre can assure patients, and our community, that the Centre and employees have not been compromised, as this staff member remains at home for a period of self-quarantine.”

The Centre is up-to-date with all healthcare and government guidance and continually communicates the strict guidelines, policy and procedures to all staff.  Through each COVID-19 phase, the Centre reviews healthcare guidelines to ensure staff are knowledgeable of changes, equipped and capable of implementing practices needed to avoid contracting and then preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the facility, and in their personal lives. Policies and procedures are being reviewed, and will be improved as necessary to avoid a repeat of this incident.

 For more information please contact Deborah Titterton Narraway, chief marketing officer at 333-0822 or

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